Does Success Cost More Than A Precious Life In Bollywood?

Most recently while going through the inner pages of a daily newspaper, one column caught my attention. It’s the suicide of a less known actress Shikha Joshi and the reason was pretty clear – FAILURE IN CAREER. A person like me does wonder a lot. Do money, prestige and fame cost more than one’s life? Is Bollywood the ultimate aim of all models and actress? It’s only less than two years when the struggling actress Jiah Khan surprised and shocked the whole Bollywood by her suicide. This case too follows the same path. Is age 40 the deadline to models in Bollywood?


For the persons who knows less about this actress, let me tell you she played the supporting role in the bold film of 2014 – B. A. Pass and the whole fame went to its leading actress – Shilpa Shukla. Apart from a few Bollywood movies, she has also appeared in a few television serials. Yet after a lot of struggles, unfortunately this actress committed suicide at the age of 40 on May 16, 2015. She slit her throat with a knife after leaving a video message. She was extremely frustrated as she couldn’t get enough work in Bollywood.


No wonder Bollywood is a magical world and many people want to get into it. But does it mean one closed chapter in this magical world is the last word of one’s life as well. It’s not the first time, an actress or model commits suicide due to frustration or personal issues. Bollywood has given so much to many people and shattered so many dreams as well. Before I put an end full stop, let me add a few more such names who ended their life this way – May due to failure in careers or relations. South Indian sex symbol Silk Smitha who still inspires many young item girls, Nafisa Joseph – Former Miss India (though her suicide happened due to personal breakup), Kunal Singh who played lead role in Dil hi dil mein, gorgeous model Viveka Babaji who shot to fame after Kamasutra ad, Kuljeet Randhawa and a few more can be added to the list. The list is not ending here!! Let it not happen one more time!!

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Let it not happen one more time. Films n career are not the utmost destinies

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