Do You Plan Your Savings?

Earning and spending

It is a hard job to earn money in this age of competition; well I am talking about honest income because earning through unfair means is not a big deal. However, when it comes to spending our hard-earned money we do not think for a while or think too much. Both conditions of thinking are not fair again. We must spend when necessary and avoid spending while there is no need to spend but you shall have to decide carefully. Let us give a lance to the possibilities.

1- How carefully do you save- Most people think that it is a tough job in this age of high prices and limited income or even spending through a month in limited income is a big problem. But you can save a fixed amount if you spend carefully and decide that you have to save a certain percentage of your income come what may.

2- Do you think- it is right kind of strategy to save money while you go out with friends eat with them in a restaurant and when the time to bill look at other side? That may save you few bucks for the time being but that is not the right kind of strategy for you because you shall be out of the friends list sooner than later. The right way is to share the bill as we call it American system or pay by turn. This is perhaps the best way of saving and keeping your friendship intact at the same time.

3- You are planning a vacation- Would you like to spend a lot on shopping before going for outing or would save for the trip to enjoy your tour as you had always wanted to because you really do not need to spend on those dresses and can do with your existing ones. It is better to chalk out a budget and spend according to plan. Better still in place of shopping you do e shopping for cheaper deals in place where you are going to spend your time. That will make sure that you shall get best hotels at best rates.

In the end, never be too miser or spend too much as being on the right path with careful planning would make you a good friend, parent or saver in the end. 

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Suny says - plan your saving with a vision.

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