Do You Love Your Mother Tongue?


Most recently, on May 23, 2013, Malayalam has been given ‘Classical Status’. Now it is sharing the same position and designation of other South Indian languages along with Sanskrit. As a Keralite, I feel it a great honour to tell that my mother tongue is at least 2000 years old and that it has developed its own culture and grammar long ago. I do respect my language and its culture a lot, though I like other languages like Hindi, Tamil and English. But, what about you? Do you really love your mother tongue? Which language is near to you?


When English left our country, they left their many things here. One of them is their language – British language. We feel pride that India has become independent before 60 years and it has celebrated Diamond Jubilee too. But in true means, is it the truth? Though English has left us, does their culture left us? Are you not trying to imitate them at least in silly things? Yes, it’s the utter truth, very hard to digest.


Yes, I agree, like many children my child is also learning in an English medium school. Yes, I am following others in many ways? Now, a person’s standard is being measured in terms of fluency with which he speaks English words. What a big shame for our country, where our National language or mother tongue get less preference than the language spoken by people who have ruled our country of just 150 years! India is a vast country with diversified looks, heritage and culture and it has story to tell for more than 5000 years. Great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata were written here, in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is known as ‘Devanagiri’ – language spoken by God. But how many of us do know this language?


In many schools, children are punished if they speak their mother tongue in school premises. Strict rules have been implemented so that kids speak only in English. Parents also support such a culture, so that their kids are brought upin ‘high standard’. But in true means, we are insulting our own mother – Our mother language. Am I not right? Definitely yes. It’s nice, our kids should learn English very well so that he can live in any part of the world without difficulty. But it doesn’t mean he should forget even the written scripts of their Malayalam tongue. I too have many Malayalam friends studied in central schools of Kerala, who don’t know even to write Malayalam.


Yes, for each one of us ‘Mother tongue is divine’. As a child, it’s the language through which we have learnt the world and our surroundings. So, in all sense, we should love our respect our mother tongue more than any other language. I personally feel so. What about you?  

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Respect your mother tongue - it's my request

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