Do Bollywood Divas Prefer Married Men?


Most recently, top actress of Bollywood in the mid-2000s Rani Mukherji married film director Aditya Chopra of DDLJ fame and the marriage was kept a secret. Aditya is a divorced man and his affair with Rani was always kept as a secret. Indian girls without film or modelling background normally prefer unmarried grooms. Then why it happens so in Bollywood? Bollywood divas have millions of fans across the world. Then why do they prefer to live with already married or divorced men? Is it became the field in which they work bring them closer and give them better opportunities to know one another? Or is it true love is blind and nothing matters if love is in the air?


When Kareena Kapoor dated Saif Ali Khan, she was the top heroine of Bollywood with handsome hits like 3 Idiots and Golmaal. Saif Ali Khan was already divorced and had an unsuccessful affair with a model. Despite having kids from first marriage and they had an age gap of 10 years, nothing stopped Kareena from marrying Saif and today they form one of the happiest couples of the industry. Vidya Balan – female Khan of Bollywood also married in 2013 to film producer Sidharth Roy Kapur who has already divorced twice.  


Affair of top heroines with married directors or actors is not a practice that started most recently. Raj Kumar-Nargis affair is the best instance. Next instance is Dharmendra-Hema malini. Blind in love both even converted to Islam and got married, as Dharmendra was not willing to divorce his first wife. Vaijayanthimala patiently waited for the divorce of Dr. Chamanlal Bali before they got married. Sarita came close to Kamal Hassan when he was already married to noted classical dance Vani Ganapati. His marriage with Sarita also ended and now he is in a committed relationship to actress Gauthami, a divorcee.


Shilpa Shetty – the Bollywood diva is believed to be family breaker of Raj Kundra, though she has told media that she met him after his divorce. Now she is happily married and owner of an IPL team. Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao affair ended the 16 year long marriage relationship of Aamir. Though Aamir remained the top chocolate hero of 1990s, he kept his marriage vows intact and has never fallen into any affair. However his closeness with Kiran Rao in the film sets of Dil chahta hai ended everything!    


Smita Patel and Shabana Azmi – arch rivalries of late 1970s in the parallel cinema. Their real life too has some common twists. Similar to the movie Arth in which both these actresses shared screen space, both got attracted to already married men and married them too. Smita married her co-actor Raj babbar while Shabana to noted writer and poet Javed Akhtar, though both these celebrities had children from their first marriage. After Smita’s death, Raj babbar returned to his wife.


Boney Kapoor was a married man and father of two kids when he was drawn towards Bollywood queen Sridevi. Sridevi married Boney Kapoor and took a break from the industry. Kalki’s marriage to Anurag Kashyap is one of the major events took place in the recent times, to end up with a divorce within one year or so. Like filmy love stories of Bollywood movies, such stories rise and fade in Bollywood every day. But a few actually reach destination.

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Such marriages are only good if it doesn't break one's peaceful family

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