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Diu, a small island located in Arabian Sea near the Kathiawar in Sourashtra region. Diu in fact is as a small Island as its name sounds that is spread over less than 40 kilometers having a population of about 25,000 only. Die is perhaps the best place for peace loving tourists having sugary white beaches surrounded by Palm like trees also called Hokka trees found nowhere else in India. There is no other Island in India that has no crowds, no traffic of vehicles. The only mode of transportation available to tourists is either bicycle walk on foot. Generally tourists enjoy water sports, long walks and swimming.


Ghoghla is one of the most popular beaches of Diu with facilities of parasailing, water scooter and surfing. Gomati Mata beach is considered to be one of the best beaches for spending hours in peaceful environment. Nagoa and Jalandhar beaches are other beaches popular among tourists.

Tourist attraction points

Among the most popular tourist attractions in Diu, you have Sunset Point near Nagoa beach, Saint Jerome forte, Saint Thomas Church, Saint Paul Church, Jampa gateway, Jalander Shrine, Gangeswar Temple, Naida Caves and Jama Mosque as the main places to visit and all these places are within walking distance. 
There is another interesting fact about Diu is that every building, house shop and even rickshaws are painted in pink color. The entire Island of Diu looks very beautiful during evenings with all restaurants and hotels full of tourists but there are no rave parties or nothing in the name of night life here on this Island.

Historical Background of Diu

Diu was under the Portuguese rule for almost 450 years so the Portuguese culture and architectural is clearly visible in Diu’s old buildings and lifestyle. The Fort Diu constructed in 16th century surrounded by Sea water from three sides is a good example of Portuguese architectural expertise apart from other cathedrals and buildings including lighthouse and Diu Jail. The government has converted part of Saint Thomas Church into museum.

The best time to visit

The weather of Diu is pleasant throughout the year and tourists enjoy cool air during summers but the best season as suggested by the local tourist department is October through June. It’s rainy during July to September therefore not considered good for tourism. 

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