Discipline- An Important Matter In Life.


Discipline is the key of success in life. So it is must in every body’s life. Without discipline a person can not get any success. Our elders and seniors, teacher, parents all say about this from our childhood. A man or women should be disciplined in their life; a student should be disciplined to get success in exam and also in life.

But what is it?

It is a small word but has great meanings. To do something in a track and to remain in a boundary is called discipline. Many times we do many things and we can not understand about its effect at that time, but when later when the result comes then we can fell the importance of discipline.

In student life it is very important. Being disciplined in every way, a student can achieve many things in life. Regular studies, disciplined life, and practice give and make the way to get success.

Home is the primary place, where one can start to learn everything. So all family members have some duties and responsibilities to teach a new comer about this. First before teaching all should be disciplined and the juniors can follow the habit.

School and teaching staffs are also having some responsibilities to teach their students about discipline. All should keep in mind and understand about the value of time and value of money. We should give proper respect also to God, parents, elders and also younger.

Society has also some role. We should make such a society where everything should be disciplined. Society helps much to learn many things to a child.

So we have many examples that got success in their way of life. Here is one name- Sachin Tendulkar. He is getting all success in his life due to discipline and practice, which he maintains all time. There were many players even they were more talented than Sachin but they have some lack of this matter. And the result is in front of us.

So always follow the good things, not bad to get success. Always act in a disciplined way and try to teach all and help to be disciplined.

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I always try to be disciplined.

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