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Director Raghavendra Rao was born in Kesara palli of Vijayawad in the year 1942, may 23rd. His father was a famous director Mr Prakash Rao. Mr Prakash Rao was a Insurance agent, but his interest on movies made him a director, he gave a very good movies like Secretary, Thahasildhari Ammaiee, Premanagar which were done in his own banner “Prakash Productions”. But initially they faced many losses and lost most of there property. Mr Raghavendra Rao was studying in High School, when he observed that day by day one or the other costly things were moving out from his house. From that age only he always thought of supporting his father in director.

Ragahavendra Rao’s father always wanted his children to send there holidays at grandma’s house which is in village. He always wanted his children to develop a adjustable nature. Raghavendra Rao was always treated special as he was the child of a director. When he was spending time in village, all the village people would come to him and ask to him act like a hero, or sing a good song or to say a good dialogue, and he was also feeling very much proud seeing the special care given to him.

One day when his father called both the brothers and asked them what they wanted to be in future. Ragahvendara Rao elder brother  Krishna Mohan Rao told that he wanted to do his higher education but Ragahvendra Rao told that he wanted to become a director like his father. His father without thinking more asked him to join him for director. But Raghavendra Rao told that he will start his director career once he completes his Degree BA. Because if he will not successful in the director field, he can plan his future with other sources with the help of his Degree.

Raghavendra Rao  worked for 8 years with his father. He worked as an assistant director for many movies. Mr Raghavendra Rao says that his father script used to be very clear, any child can also understand his script. This style will be always followed by Raghavendra Rao.


He got married to Mrs Sarala, two children Prakash and Madhavi.

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