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Traditional marketing methods for the entertainment business in India are being moved over these days. The thing is the world is becoming a much smaller place and as the entertainment needs of the people diversify so does the methods to market them. Due to this, Digital Marketing has risen to the fore.

But how effectively is the digital medium being leveraged? Rajiv Shukla says, "There are very few producers and studios which understand the medium well. Moreover, even though the focus is on the consumers now, B2B marketing will never take a backseat. The big banner production houses are still focused on the distributors. Online is more for the consumers and not for the distributors. So, when it comes to them, online takes a backseat."

According to Rajiv Shukla, digital is too important a medium to be ignored by movie marketers. "Most of the movie sites are created simultaneously as the film goes on floor and thus, it is updated on the basis of what's happening currently. That shows that digital is a fairly important medium. It is an engaging medium for the consumers," he says.

Foreign studios and corporate don't understand the Indian movie market well, feels Mathur. "Indian market works very differently and it will take some time for the foreign studios and the corporates to understand it. So, I don't think that the foreign studios, in particular, add anything in terms of making the movie marketing process more scientific," he says.

Baraga feels that the marketing for Hollywood movies is not very effective as there are no specific campaigns for India. "International creatives are being adapted and the movies are not being repositioned. At most, you will see a Casino Royale or a Slumdog Millionaire being dubbed and promoted. They need to develop creatives specifically for India. It is exactly how advertising for brands works. Very few brands would do specific regional commercials. But successful brands like Coke always do advertising in regional languages featuring local film stars. That should be done in the case of Hollywood movies marketing too."

It might take us a few years to get there but once we reach that stage where marketing of Indian content all over the world becomes a viable option, then India will have truly arrived in the world entertainment Scene. 

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