Difference Between Sinus And Migraine Headaches


Are you suffering from headaches continuously? Do those headaches weaken you and make you irritable and feel tired all the time? If your reply is yes, you are also one of the several people who experience headaches. Headaches can be both severe as well as mild. When the headache is mild, the pain is tolerable and causes only minor pain. A mild headache affects almost everyone at some point of time.

However, there are many people who suffer from headaches at usual intervals. These types of headaches are called as chronic headaches. These are called as sinus and migraine headaches. These headaches are severe to a certain extent. It causes a person lot of distress and foils him from moving around freely. Sinus and migraine headaches are fairly similar to each other and have a lot of signs that are similar.

Many times sinus and migraine headaches have been wrongly diagnosed, leading to additional complications. Firstly, it is better to know the similarities between migraine and sinus headaches. In both these headaches, it pains in the facial area. In both these types of headaches, it pains when a person bends. Sinus is generally identified by watery eyes and stuffy nose. However, at times these signs are seen in migraine headaches too.

At times, it is believed that migraine pains crop up only in the top side of the skull. However sinus pains also have been found to come about in the top of the head. Generally there are many things common between sinus and migraine headaches.Therefore it is essential to know the differences between the two. This will enable you to know the kind of headache you are actually suffering from.

Although sinus and migraine headaches are similar, the causes for their happening are different. Migraine headaches are caused by the expansion of blood vessels in the head whereas sinus is caused by the swelling of the nasal passage. Migraine headaches come with sensitivity to brightness and other stimuli. There are no such things in cases of infections of the sinus. Sinus infectivity is known by the discharge from the nose. 

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