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23 years female has prepared an Android application called “Dial Kashmir” within 2 weeks. She is Miss Ayesha Faruk from Kashmir. Appreciating her work she got many messages in Twitter and Facebook. One speciality is that the Jammu Kashmir chief minister has personally appreciated Ayesha Faruk.

“Dial Kashmir is not only useful to people who stay in Kashmir, but it is also very helpful to visitors who come to Kashmir. I am very happy that I have prepared a useful application to Kashmir people” says Ayesha Faruk.

The applications in “Dial Kashmir” give most of the information and at the same time it provides with 500 useful phone numbers. We get the contact numbers of different types of government departments, government authorities and society welfare numbers. And now she wants to add the information of different types of business and Google maps in this application. She feels that Google maps are very useful to the visitors, which helps the visitors to know the exact distance between the places and where exactly the places are located. So she wants of add Google maps to “Dial Kashmir” applications so that the visitors can plan their travel safely.

This application has gained a good publicity in the media. So a software company of Bangalore has offered a software engineering job opportunity. One who is using this “Dial Kashmir” is giving her good appreciations. The users of this application are saying that they are able to save their time instead of searching the information, as they are getting the information all in one application. They used to search different types of websites to get the address and phone numbers of the government authorities, but now there are not facing such problems as they are getting all the information in one place.

More than 5000 people have already downloaded this application. By seeing the useful of this application everyone will feel that she may have done a very good education. But Ayesha has completed her Computer Graduation last year in Srinagar School of Management, and  have done one month course on Android applications. “I love developing applications, I have worked for 8 hours a day to complete this application” says Ayesha. Her father is a retired employee of forest department. “She has a very good concentration and grasping power, she has worked very hardly for this application. I am proud of my daughter” says Ayesha’s father.

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