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If someone asks who the evergreen hero of silver screen of Bollywood is, undoubtedly we can take the name of Dev Anand. He was one among the great geniuses of old Hindi cinema who gave unparallel contributions in the form of an actor, producer as well as director. He gave new perspectives to Bollywood experimenting with the roles he got and those he gave thus placing Bollywood in the top list of the world. He, along with his brothers Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand has contributed a lot to Bollywood. In association with brothers, Dev Anand has founded Navketan films under which, his majority of movies were released.


His most noted works include Jewel thief, Guide, Tere ghar ke samne, Kaala pani, Kaala bazaar, Taxi driver, Nau do gyarah, Swami Dada, Des pardes, Hum dono, Tere mere sapne, Prem pujari, Heera panna, Hare Krishna Hare Ram and Shareef Badshah. S.D.Burman’s music and voice of Rafi and Kishore Kumar have contributed a lot for establishing him as the romantic hero onscreen and evergreen hero status of Bollywood. He is also regarded as one among the most handsome heroes of Bollywood with an intelligent brain and IQ Quotient.


Now let me explain how Dev Anand was given ‘Ever green hero title of Bollywood’. He debut Bollywood during 50’s and got the romantic hero tag through the movies he did in 60’s. When his co-actors like Shammi Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Raj kapoor began to  play father roles and character roles during middle 70’s, he stood firm with his hero roles. Though his first attempts during middle 70’s were failures and everyone believed that his career as romantic hero has ended, history witnessed his rising as hero and success of movies like Chupa Rustham, Banarasi Babu, Amir gareeb, Warrant and Bullet. When he romanced onscreen with heroines who were very much younger than him and delivered successful movies like Darling Darling and Hera Panna, he sustained the title of romantic hero till late 70’s. Younger heroines of this list include Rakhi, Hema Malini, Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman, Yogitha Bali and Tina Munim. That’s the reason why he was titled, ‘Evergreen hero of Bollywood’. He sustained his title till the end of his life too, keeping busy in projects and bringing up career of many actors of Bollywood.    

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Guide and Jewel thief - My favourites

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