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Bedroom – the most peaceful place of a home where everyone loves to rest with peace and happiness forgetting all worries. It need not be a big one with plenty of space and decorative items. But most significant fact is that everything should be well arranged and things kept in a correct manner that invites a lot of fresh air and sweet thoughts to come inside.


Do you feel that your bedroom is so small, narrow or congested? No need to feel sad for that. Remove those dark shaded curtains and dark paints. Make everything light – light shades of bedroom cushions, pillows, blankets, bed sheets, curtains and wall paint. Choose light shades for flooring to make your room appear spacious. It brings more light to your room as well. Also, never use a big bed in a small bedroom. All colour shades used in the room should be perfectly matching. If you place a big mirror in a wall your room appears spacious. Also provide big windows.  


You can build pull-out drawers beneath your bed that can be used to store less used things like instruments or old toys or you can make use of this space to fold and place blankets, bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, cushions etc. These pull-out drawers can be used as the best storage space for your room.


Now about your wardrobe. You can provide it as a separate room or can make a corner reserved for it. It’s you, who should decide about its shelves, drawers and size and placement of them, not the architect who designs it. Keep the lower most shelves with air holes, to dump used clothes for washing. You can keep a separate drawer for once-used clothes to use it again than hanging them in rooms. You can use hangers for hanging such clothes behind the door also.  


In luxurious homes, you can see walk-in rooms for dressing, where dressing table is place. Lighting given should be attractive. As this area is separated from the rest, your bed room looks neat and tidy. For lighting, you can choose lights according to your preference. If possible, arrange a small garden near its window or balcony. You can also place everything you need inside your bedroom to make it luxurious. Simple settee, chairs, tables, refrigerator and music system, home theatre or television, now bedroom is like a small home.


If your bedroom is small, place a table with drawers and one chair along with bed. It’s enough. If possible, arrange a small shelf with books to read. You can use double –layered curtains, a few photos of the couple and dim lights to give a romantic touch to your bedroom. 

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