Decision Making


Every person  in today's life must have goals, targets to achieve in their future. For achieving their goal we need a proper decision to attain the target. A man without  any goal in life is considered as a house without a roof.To start a new business or an organisation, a firm we need to predict with a short term budget and long term fore cast. Need proper analysis to improve the firm and expand their business.


Not only in business also in day today's life we need proper decision making to the routine life throughout our activities to gain our target. A successful man is based on his proper prediction and forecasting pre determined plans in the right time with good decision can survive long.


There are several factors that influence decision making in several aspects which leads to heavy loss in a firm that can be modified with right decision. Our daily routines should be monitored properly at regular intervals to succeed in our life.


The flow of fund in a stock or inventory is properly watched and alert made to improve our need at short term budget planning. During decision making we need to sit in groups or we have to discuss with our family members about our decision and plan exposed in all angles , viewed in all directions to avoid loss. Each individual has their own responsibility in deciding the fact and proceed accordingly.


Important criteria and capabilities

Support  at all level

Support for decision makers in semi structured and unstructured problems

Data access clear.

Support for independent or sequential decision

Support variety of decision processes

Support continuous analysis

Provide ease of use

Complete control by decision makers


Good decision yield good benefit to us. Before deciding think thrice, twice and then proceed. You will achieve the target. Get a  feasible solution taken in hand.. follow with full fledge satisfaction. Bear every thing!!


Finally our target is achieved by proper design and implementation with right choice. According to the proverb prevention is better than cure, we have to prevent our firm with right decision making.

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