Dealing With People When They Take Advantage!


There are times when some people take advantage of you openly without caring for your feelings. One can recount many such instances where people take advantage of others and keep doing it again and again. taking advantage of anyone is wrong either in money matters or others. When people are physically, emotionally and mentally weak, it is very easy to take advantage of them by unscrupulous people who look for such opportunities.

When we get to know people through such experiences, it leaves a negative feeling about people in general. Sometimes we tend to see goodness in people where none exists and this may lead to some unforeseen circumstances where you find that the person is taking advantage of you.


Reasons why it can happen

1, It is definitely unfair when people take undue advantage of you, definitely not when it happens with a friend. In fact it is not true friendship. You need to have a give and take policy when it comes to friendship.

2, When it comes to money matters it is just best to be cautious no matter who it is. One has to be clear cut about all financial dealings and it is always better to go dutch when you go out together, it saves a lot of misunderstandings that might strain the relationship if it goes on and on..

3, We have to respect others even if they prove to be soft or irritate us at times realising that we too have many faults of our own.

4, The best way of handling people - give them what you get. If a person is nice to you reciprocate, if not ignore instead of getting into arguments or petty squabbles.

5, We must remember that all people do not take advantage, only some do, and this shows a weakness or greed or a certain negativity in their personality make up.


When people behave in a high handed manner one does get disillusioned. However, this puts us on guard and we also become a little wiser in evaluating people. We often see it happening with people who are kind and helpful.

All said and done, everything finally comes down to money and even relationships seem to somehow get affected by it in the long run and there are many people in this world who are pure opportunists who turn the other way the moment their work is done. Life can be unfair and the really good ones get a bad deal...there is no explanation to such things except that , probably they would be compensated in some other way later in life !

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