Craze Of Movie Bahubli

In these days we can find most of them talking about Bahubali, how the movie is, how are the songs, what is the highlight of the story, how did the actors perform?

Bahubali movie which has been created with huge budget was released in around 4000 theaters all over the world. The movie has got more than 13 lakhs of likes in Facebook, 40 lakhs members have viewed the trailer of the movie in youtube, more than one lakh people are following them in twitter.

Hero Rana

Hero Rana who has been working for some movies in Hindi had got an opportunity to work in movie Niya. Rana got this chance when he was working for movie Bahubali. But he has to reject this offer because, Rana has to make many changes with his body structure for the make of Bahubali movie. So he felt that at this moment working in the movie Niya is not correct and he will not suite the character. As he was much concentrating on Bahubali and he himself did not want to get distracted, so he has to reject the offer of Niya.

Hero Prabas

Hero Prabas has always the wish to work in Bollywood industry. He expressed his feeling in one of the press meet of Bahubali, but he did not specify about in which direction he wants to work or what type of movie he wanted to work. He just told that he likes the movies made by Rajkumar Hirani. Saying abour Rajkkumar Hirani, Prabas told that he always liked the movies “Munna Bai MBBS” and “Three Idiots” and he has watched these movies more than 20 times.

Saying about Mr Kiran Johor, Prabas says that it is only because of Kiran Johor the Movie Bahubali is getting released in Hindi.

They have released only the first part of Bahubali, and the second part is yet to get released. Saying about Bahubali 2nd part, hero Prabas says that 40% of the movie is completed and the other 60% is yet to be made which may take around a year to complete. And the audience will be filled with excitement until the release of 2nd part of the movie Bahubali.

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