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“Face is an index of mind”. Does this seem a wonderful proverb? Now this proverb has been changed according to the present world – “Facebook is an index of one’s nature”. This proverb was declared by Cop. But not only a cop, even private company superiors, parents is also following Facebook for obtaining their desired information details like the nature and attitude of an employee in the company, Parents confirm the personal details of a bride or bridegroom. Not only on Facebook, they even searched in other social networking sites like twitter, Orkut, MySpace etc. we can obtain personal details of others through these online social networking websites. With the help of the details we collected from these websites, we can estimate the character, behavior, nature of the particular person. The process of gaining personal details of others and estimating that person is already implemented in America. Now our government has provided special software’s which can use and know more about the person which we are trying to. Even private companies also providing some software’s. We can use those software’s also.


In this present technical world social networks are playing important roles and they are affecting our personal lives effectively. The rivalry in Egypt and the revolution about Nirbhaya in Delhi are having been raised through these sites only.


If anyone says that they are not having any account on the social networking sites like twitter, Facebook then it will be unbelievable. Now this social networking culture has been spread to even villages also. People whoever have slight knowledge regarding computer, they are definitely becoming subscribers of social networking sites. They are sharing their details, food habits, interests, relationships, hobbies etc. So according to these details we can estimate the nature of others. Many kinds of software’s have come into existence for this estimation sake. For example, LocOcitato website software, it is very helpful for us in knowing about the person connected to how many friends, who are they, what are their opinions and some other details are. The software “Police Open Source” is also similar one. For example, if a person has a hobby of collecting different kinds of guns then this software will be helpful in finding whether this person has chance of using guns in future. The Gun culture has increased in the countries like America. So the information about the people who are much interested on Gun culture is very important. In these present days, the terrorists are utilizing social networking sites for their activities. They are attracting people towards them and they even share and plan their plans through social networking sites. When we get the information about one terrorist then we can get the information about the people who are related to that terrorist. Therefore, we can observe their activities. So the American Cop has kept their eye on social sites in which some crores of people are subscribers and if they find any new objected posts on the sites like Facebook, they start judging how many people have shared it, how many liked it, how many disliked it, who are those, their addresses and details. Simply we can say in most of the cases are solved by tracking the social sites, instead of approaching court.


In this modern world, social websites are playing important role in gaining information about others and giving publicity. For example a girl is missing then we can know about her through the details of the people in her profile of the group in social sites

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