Cooling Tips For Your Home


It’s everyone’s dream to build a home with good ventilation and cooling effect. Through construction it’s possible to bring coolness to your interior. Just keep in mind these points.


If you need natural coolness for your exterior and interior, trees and plants is the best idea. Never cut trees around your home. You can plant a few more too. They give shade as well as coolness to your home. A garden in your courtyard can also reduce temperature around your home premises. So, green is the colour of coolness. Fill this colour around to get a cool effect.


Next important thing to note is the colour of paint chosen for painting your home. Light shades always reflect light while dark colors absorb light and temperature. When light and temperature are absorbed by dark colours of your wall it increases heat inside your home. Instead if you use light pink, blue or green to paint your interior, it looks simple and elegant; it makes your room spacious, reflect light as well as heat a lot.


While constructing home, you should know direction of wind and fix windows and doors in such a way that you get maximum benefits of cool breeze. If so, you can save a lot of electricity bill of fans and air conditioners. Also, air conditioners can never replace the cooling effect of nature and wind. It’s good for health too.


If you have sufficient place for your home construction, you can build a courtyard inside. In artistic way, the open space can be covered by glass also, if needed. But if it’s open, your home will get good ventilation as well as healthy sunlight. That’s the reason why old heritage homes are build in this manner. Big courtyard around your home can also bring sunlight and air to your home in plenty.


Use less windows in the walls directly exposed to sunlight. It can also reduce sunlight inside your home considerably. Another option is double height living room. Though expense is slightly higher it brings a lot of air and sunlight to your home. Increasing the height of your ceiling can also give you the same effect. Let air freely flow through your rooms.

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Love light shades and natural coolness of earth

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