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Khan brothers – The sons of the greatest script writer of Bollywood Salim Khan, who has placed a significant role in placing Amitabh Bachchan as ‘Big B’ of Bollywood. Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, collectively have given significant contributions to Bollywood. Though they are not able to construct path setting ways in the industry of Bollywood like their father, they are also not among the least. Nowadays Salman Khan is named as money making machine of Bollywood and his movies reach 100 crore club, post Debangg success. He is that one actor who alone can pull audience to theaters without doing much experiment with his roles. Though his roles and mannerisms look alike in all his recent movies, people are going to theatres just to entertain themselves with ‘present masala’ provided. Arbaaz Khan is that producer who has placed Salman in ‘Debangg’ form. Sohail Khan is also not too bad, though he is not able to deliver solo hits. Yes, Khan Brothers are giving significant contributions to Bollywood and entertainment media nowadays.


Salman Khan entered the industry as a soft romantic hero with an innocent smile. Meine pyar kiya, Pathar ke phool, Baagi and Hum aapke hain kaun are the best instances. People loved to see his smile during late 80’s and early 90’s. Meine Pyar Kiya is considered as a milestone of Bollywood cinema that changed the path of Bollywood instantly, similar to Khayamat se khayamat tak of Aamir Khan and Aashique of Rahul Roy. In the middle 90’s he gave up his innocent romantic, chocolate looks and began to appear a little bittle serious. Yet he never forgot to deliver comic flicks like Andaz apna apna. Again during late 90’s, he changed himself to comedy movies. Though his comedy was not easy digested by audience he began to repeat the same type of roles. But with Debaangg and Wanted, he placed himself as a flexible hero who is able to handle any type of roles. Now he is the no.1 superstar of Bollywood with all dates of next two years already booked.


Though Sohail Khan has not able to become as success as his big brother he has delivered a few romantic and comic flicks like ‘Meine pyar kyon kiya’ and ‘Maine dil tujhko diya’. Arbaaz has done a few movies in Bollywood as an angry young man – Pyar kiya to darna kya, Hello brother and Debaangg. But he is remembered most for his role in Debangg. Yes, Khan brothers have done significant contributions to Bollywood.

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I like Salman doing serious roles

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