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You know why human is called a social being because they care about the needs, emotions, desires, sentiments, space, rights, growth and betterment of people around them. Humans don’t just think of satisfying their own needs, they are also concerned about their neighborhood. Have you ever given sugar or milk to your neighbor or lift to middle age aunty who resides near your home or shared the problems of life at an evening walk with a padosi or watered neighbor’s plant when they are out or simply kept your keys at neighbor’s place for other family member, if yes, then you surely understand the importance of sharing & caring.

There are lots of problems that you face in day to day life like checking the Speed Post Status, Examination Results, Status of Stolen Vehicles, Central Government Accommodation Status, paying Service Tax Online, getting 'Aadhaar' Unique Identification Number, booking Train Tickets Online, registering a Company, applying for Passport, Ration Card, TAN Card and Permanent Account Number (PAN), obtain Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Driving License, Domicile Certificate, Tribe Certificate, Caste Certificate & Birth Certificate, etc. And there are some problems that are hindering your growth & development like loan for education, government employment information, housing loan or health schemes. These small & big problems sometimes get simplified just with sharing of information the way you share things with your neighbors.

SearchSchemes is an initiative to provide you all such important information about governmental schemes. It has details of how to apply for different schemes and what are the basic requisites for applying. This Holi, don’t visit neighbors house just to put gulal on them. Share the information of schemes and color their life with ease, comfort and happiness.

Holi is a festival of colors and life is colorless without emotions, care, concern and love for humanity. Holi is a festival of triumph of good over evil and it is really important to understand that in present era, everyone has to stand united to fight against the evils which are prevalent in society like poverty, crimes, illiteracy, suicides, unemployment, child labor, etc. Sharing schemes could be the first step towards the fight against evils. Search Schemes is providing detailed information of all the Madhya Pradesh & Central Government Schemes and thus, helping common people in avoiding the unnecessary visits to government offices for different forms & procedure like visiting various windows for understanding the exact procedure to apply.

Join the initiative with and make this Holi colorful for the people around you.

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MP and Central Government schemes on pension, education and employment schemes, agriculture and Housing schemes, Women and Child Development Schemes

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