Chennai Weather: Ways To Beat It!

One can say there are just three seasons in the Chennai weather – hot, hotter, and hottest!  The idea of a winter season is unknown to the people of Chennai who have to go through some of the most intense uncomfortable and humid warm conditions in the whole of India.  The worst time to go to Chennai is during the month of May as well as early June when the temperatures in the city can shoot up to 42 C (107 degrees Fahrenheit.)  This subsequently is also the time, when Chennai’s dreaded electricity cuts and shortages of water make their unwanted presence felt.   

As Chennai is situated very close to the equator, there is minimal fluctuation in the seasonal temperature of the city. People of Chennai enjoy a short spell of monsoon rains between the months of June and September.
Natives from the city have to wear light cotton clothes and always carry an umbrella with them throughout the year due to the weather in Chennai. Chennai receives an average of 1,300 mm of rainfall every year. Monsoon rains come, with the Northeast Monsoon Winds. Chennai is sometimes also affected by cyclones that arise from the Bay of Bengal.
The coastal areas of the city always remain pretty humid and warm but the cool breeze from the sea at times brings relief to the city. Nights are comparatively pleasant to the daytime. 

Even the people from Chennai who’ve lived in this city for decades are not completely immune to the Chennai weather due to its extreme summers. The rains intensely amplify the humidity levels until the month of January comes around when finally, the sweatiness reduces and the weather in Chennai is more bearable.   

Beating the Heat

If, for some reason you find yourself stuck in the furnace like Chennai during the summer, you must take certain precautions to not get heat strokes, which are extremely common in the city during the summer months. You must drink as much coconut water as possible. It’s very cheap and the vendor will actually slice the coconut up right in front of you so you need not worry about the hygiene. Even though, they look just too tempting to resist, you must avoid the juices and the cut melons which are sold on stalls all over the city. This is mainly because during the summer months, there are many flies and tropical diseases in the air. It is always a good idea to keep a packet of oral rehydration salts along with you every single time you step out of the house solely for the reason that the Chennai sun is nothing less than scorching. Moreover, you should make sure to carry an umbrella with you when you step out of the house. Most importantly, make use of a lot of sunscreen lotion and make sure that you only wear clothes made out of cotton and nothing else.

The Chennai weather can be intensely hot and thus it is advisable to steer clear of the city during summer months if it is possible.

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