Chennai - The Capital Of Tamil Nadu

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a state situated in the South of India. It is one of the largest metros of the country which was once a famous British colony. Despite being so contemporary today, there is a stroke of traditional touch lingering inside the heart of this city. Chennai stands out as a city with an unprecedented blend between tradition and sophistication. A thin line that separates people of both the backgrounds lies in the bottom line of Chennai’s culture and taste.

This is a city to stay and relish quite a few specialties that are characteristic of the South Indian flavour.  Everything found here is unique and adorable. Be it the local food available in roadside food joints, the language spoken by the masses, and the historical sites situated right across the length and breadth of the city. This is a bustling city that is full of action and commotion especially when you get to the streets in the early morning when people swarm to their workplaces. However, if you find a knacky guide to take you through to your favourite destinations, you can escape all the chaos. Of course, Chennai has its own share of sightsee-able places right from the tourist attractions to places of historical interest.

The food cuisine served here is as hot as the city and the hospitality of the natives. People who live here are so passionate about representing the trueness of their city “Chennai”. If you consider a trip to this part of Tamil Nadu, you must make sure that you allocate sufficient time for sightseeing since you may need more time to savour the original face of Chennai. Shopping is a cool thing to do here because there are places which perhaps give a few special shopping areas of the world a run for the money.

What makes Chennai a brighter spot is the raw and true passion depicted by the people who stay here. This place has got everything right from the largest beaches in the world to the most famous historical sites, to the world-famous Arignar Anna Zoological Park in vandalur to any other part located in and around its perimeter. Chennai is perhaps one of the best metros in India for its rich heritage and warm hospitality. Certainly, getting around the city is not as easy as it used to be before so make sure you catch hold of the right way to reach the destination on time. After all, it’s not a big deal though when you weigh the affordability of travelling within the city with the European or the USA standards.

Packed with the right ingredients for tourists across all age groups, Chennai is certainly a must-go spot in your tour itinerary.  You’d certainly love the experience of staying here irrespective of where you stay; be it the city-centre or in the outskirts near the east coast road that connects this city to Pondicherry. Chennai is always known for being hot and spicy both in its outlook and in its climate so if you wish to go there make sure you’re really prepared. 

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