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Breast Cnacer not only affects the physical condition but also weakens the mental state of women. As the disease is nowadays found in many women so various surgeries are available for the treatment. India is one of the top countries providing breast cancer treatment to patients. Various hospitals have a well qualified team of surgical and medical oncologists who are specialised exclusively for the breast cancer treatment. Surgery for breast cancer in India provides top standards of care where doctors and surgeons treat with medicines which are evidence based and generally follow international medical procedures. Not only the medication but in India doctors also build a strong communication with the patient as well as his family which helps in diagnosis through discussion.

Various treatments and procedures come under Surgery for breast cancer in India namely, bone-directed therapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and breast-cancer surgery. The cancer hospitals of India take various initiatives in which they interact with women and suggest them to do a self examination of the breast at regular basis and to undergo through the mammography test at least once in a year. This helps in curing the patient at early stage and in best possible manner.

This makes the successful rate of breast cancer treatment in India very high as it helps in detecting the affected region of body quite early. Low cost of mammography test provides a means for opportunistic testing among women. In other countries, patients have to pay heavy fees in order to get proper treatment while in India hospitals provide international facilities under the budget which attracts various foreign patients as well. Earlier there were not many advanced equipments for the medical treatments but with the passage of time, India managed to maintain a remarkable standard among breast cancer surgeries.

Cancer care clinics of the country are providing the best diagnose processes for the women suffering from breast cancer. It is a biggest nightmare for women but if detected at an early stage, the Indian hospitals serve the best care and medication to the patients who help in fast recovery. They not only strengthen them physically but also mentally and inspire the patients to live a happy life ahead.

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