Boomerang - The Weapon That Returns Back


Now I remember the mythological story of Emperor Ambareesh and ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ of Mahavishnu that fly after Durvasavu sent by Devendra. Similar to Sudarshan Chakra, ancient man developed a tool that was known as ‘reverse’. But still it is unknown who has invented boomerang. Through this article let me share a few interesting facts about this magical tool.


Used in different ways


It was used by Australian tribal people as well as by people belonging to ancient Egypt, California, Arizona, America as well as India to hunt birds and rabbits. It was also used as a weapon when people fight each other! Now it is a sports item known as Boomerang throw. Australian tribal people call it as Kylie. A boomerang got from Poland was dated 20,000 years old!


Boomerang is used in many ways. In addition to hunting weapon, it is used to give background score to music, decorative item, small fighting games, and even in tribal hut construction. It ranges from 10 cm to 2 metre length. Tribes used to make different pictures on it indicating its purpose and for which animals it is to be used.


Paved way to many discoveries


Most of our discoveries are related to principles of nature. Through observations, men became successful in developing many objects that use earth’s laws and principles. Aero plane, helicopter, satellites etc belong to this category. The flight of a boomerang is determined by a lot of factors – gravitational force of earth, talent of the person who uses it, flow and intensity of wind, concentration to reach a goal and the different in pace of two ends of boomerang. It stays in air for awhile due to strange structure of wings, similar to helicopters and aero planes.


In nations and tribes


It was first used by Australian tribal people and hence they are remembered first when we hear the word, ‘Boomerang’. Its peculiarity is that it returns back to the person who throws it. But it never returns back if it touches the destination point. It’s shown in animation ‘Jungle Book’ where Maugli – the central character always carry a boomerang in hand. Boomerang travels in circular motion to reach the sender. Depending on tribes, nations and uses Boomerang differs in size and structure.

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I don't know how to use a boomerang

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