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Blood pressure is the pressure inside our blood vessels, both when the heart is relaxed as well as when it is pumping blood through them. If the blood pressure happens to be very high, the situation can cause problems to our health. Therefore keeping our blood pressure at a proper level is very important. A measure of 120/80 is considered normal. However, the pressure generally varies within a certain range.


So what Is Blood Pressure? You may ask. Blood pressure is the pressure or the amount of force that blood uses on the walls of the blood vessels as it goes through them. Why Is It significant will be another question.  When blood is pumped from the heart into the blood vessels, an adequate amount of pressure is produced to send the blood to all the other parts of the body.


Since blood vessels are away from the heart, they separate and slowly get smaller like the twigs of a tree. One blood vessel may go to the kidney while another may go to the brain. Blood pressure maintains the blood flowing smoothly through all these blood vessels so the body's cells could get the nutrients and oxygen they need. Therefore it's better to make more than one reading to know your average.


A fabric cuff is covered around the arm and puffed up for measuring the blood pressure. With this, the blood pressure can be seen on a gauge connected to the cuff. The doctor or the nurse observes the numbers from the gauge as the air is slowly released from the cuff. This gadget is called a sphygmomanometer. To measure the blood pressure a special machine can also be used. 


The numbers determining the blood pressure are shown like a fraction: one on top and another one at the bottom. The normal blood pressure is read as 120/80. The systolic pressure is indicated first. It denotes the force in the blood vessels during the heart-beats. The diastolic pressure is displayed in the bottom. It denotes the pressure in the blood vessels between heartbeats, when the heart is at rest. 

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