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Yesterday on 17-03-2013, Delhi witnessed a rally of people from Bihar addressed by their Chief Minister and by former union minister now party president Sharad Yadav demanding backward status for their state. Delhi was full of people from Bihar until a couple of years before. Now the number has gone down considerably due to certain positive factors. The point can be proved with the fact that there were about ninety thousand people in the rally from Bihar and most of them came from Bihar itself otherwise there would be more present than this particular number and that too not traveling from Bihar but local workers. However, there are not enough left in Delhi or surrounding areas any more.

Bihar was not that fortunate 

There were not enough jobs in Bihar previously and the land of Bihar was not cultivated properly due to lack of irrigation facilities. Bihar is no more backward state now. It has grown in every field and can stand with developed states of India today.

Nishit Tried his best

I heard the entire speech on TV delivered by CM of Bihar at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi today.  Nitish Kumar knows pretty well that Bihar cannot be given that status of backward state, as the constitution does not allow it. This is with sole intention of making an election deal with ruling party and making his own claim for PM's post.

Delhi has lesser Bihari now

In addition, this is not that Delhi was full of people from Bihar but people from Bihar were the backbone of industry of every state, transportation, material movement, agricultural production, road construction was wholly dependent on them. People from Bihar were not only available throughout year apart from few special occasions but were available at reasonable rates.

Job opportunities 

Now the situation has changed to great extent, people of Bihar are getting good job opportunities in their own state, which has changed scenario in many states lie Punjab, UP, Delhi and other states where rates of laborer have gone too high effecting industrialists, big farmers and other business houses are missing a lot. They still have a few problems like lack of electricity for irrigation and industry but once they overcome these, they certainly stand chances of growing faster. 

All the best 

I am happy for people of Bihar that they have ultimately found a good leadership for their state to lead them to an honorable position where they can see them earning respectfully in their own states and develop their own area. I wish them more progress in coming years with their present leadership doing its best efforts.

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Suny does not think Bihar needs backward state status.

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