Beyond The Brick Walls...


Dreams are the motivating factors of our life. What I speak here is not the occasional dreams that we get in our sleep but the daydreams that act as guiding force towards success. You can speak aloud but can you think aloud? Yes we can! Thinking aloud is nothing but daydreaming. When our dreams stop our progress also stops. But all people could not realize all of their dreams.


The hurdles are there only to be crossed and the barriers are there only to be broken. We need some sort of love and kind notes from our companions to help us move forward. Or at least we need to be self-motivated. People who are self motivated could attain their goals easily. They do not need a supervisor to supervise their works and having one or not does not make a difference in them. These people could easily break the egg shells to witness the dawn.


There are some brick walls standing on the path of our progress. These could be crossed with some efforts. But there are some impenetrable walls made of flesh. It is quite difficult to break through them. Those who could learn the art of breaking these walls soar high in their life. Here is the poetical way of explaining this fact. Tamil version of this poem is here.


Beyond the Brick walls


End of a desert, some brick walls stand

...On the other side, our cherishing dreams,

Ill-worn heart, after long desert sand -

...Dreams should come true, so it gleams!


Walls are not there to stop our progress,

...Nor are they to frustrate us -

But to make us understand the need for success,

...Just as we welcome the cheering nimbus!


Why should I write, why should I?

...It gives me happiness, fame and name;

Same thing in crossing the brick walls high-

...Just for the need of winning the game.


We never fully know how badly we need

...The love, the wisdom or some kind message!

Until it sprouts out breaking the seed

...Smashing the wall and crossing the passage!


Sometimes the impenetrable walls are made of flesh,

...Pleading and begging truly has no impact;

No knife or hammer can knock out that mesh

...Beyond that bloods are drained in fact!

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