Behave According Your Children's Mind


Always scolding children and showing over affection are not correct. You need to observe your child’s mind and according to them you need to give freedom to them. You have studied their mind and encourage them.

                Most of the children have a habit of saying the same thing for a number of times. Due to this, scolding them is not right. While talking with them or assigning any work to them, you must be with a lot of patience. You should respond them with a smile. When you listen to them with patience then they will get habituated to them. Then children will also follow you.

                Purchasing all the things which your children ask is not at all correct. You should bring the things which your children have necessary. You should say to your children that the things which are unnecessary, those things you won’t bring for them. In some situation, they should know that the things which they like may not they get. Try to make them know, why you did not purchase some things which your children asked you.

                When you go to any relatives’ house, then if your children ask you anything, then you cannot say no to them in front of all the relatives. At the same time, we cannot give what your child asked you. So, you and your children should have psychological relationship. Your children must know about you that means for what issue you will get angry and what you will like to purchase for them definitely. Children should understand your mind with your eyes. You should talk to your children closely then children only will understand you very easily and you opinions.

                You should never restrict your children from doing few things. You should say what your children should do. You need to make your children know what are the benefits and losses of the particular doings. Then children will understand and go according to the things which you have made them understand. Therefore, they will understand what is right and what is wrong. Then they will even understand clearly what you are expecting from them. Not only scolding them when they do mistakes, you need to encourage them by praising for their achievement.

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