Be Romantic While You Set Your Bedroom


Bedroom – the place where everyone forgets every piece of tensions and restless thoughts; the place where we relieve from our tiredness and the private area of home where everyone opens his mind to his/her life partner. So, it should be special and should be filled with calmness and coolness. So, let me give you a few tips for designing the interior of your bed room.


Bed room, big or small, it should be neat and tidy and should we well-arranged. Choose light shades for curtains as well as wall colours, though you can highlight a few areas like makeup area, dressing table or the corridor connecting bedroom with bathroom. Place a few paintings and photo graphs of your family. Avoid war, tears, anger etc type pictures they can give you negative thoughts or agonies.


Lighting arrangements can also bring romance to your room. Indirect lighting, spot lights and warm lights can give you the best. Arrange lights in such a way that they never penetrate your eyes directly. Dim lights are best to bring romance to your room. You can arrange a study area and a few books near your bed. A music system is best for your bedroom where you can enjoy light music. A garden with a few flowering plants near the window side or bedroom balcony is another idea to bring romance to your bedroom.


Never forget to provide a master switch near your bed side that connects with each and every room of your interior and exterior with a single click. Now the latest trend is to divide bedroom to two or three areas – a study area with a settee, 2 chairs and a table with a drawer to place a few books, an area to place bed and wardrobe and third area to place dressing table. This area can be separated from the rest using a curtain. Add a few spotlights as well.


Place a few attractive cushions on your bed and choose pink pillows or bed sheets to bring romance to your room. Place everything in right place. Irregular placement of things is enough to spill the whole fun and bring negative energy to your room. It’s not necessary that you should use only expensive items to decorate your bed room; more important is that only neat and tide can bring romance and happiness to your bedroom. Give good ventilation and big windows to allow maximum sunlight inside.    

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