Be Honest With Your Children

Children and lies

Do you think that only children tell you lie? The fact is parents tell their children so many things, which do not come under the category of whole truth. We tell our children so many things which are neither true nor make sense and that happens often when parents found wanting in this department. We should understand that these might look small in the beginning but make deep impact on upbringing of a child. We should change this habit immediately, before it makes bad effects on our children’ proper upbringing. 

Parents’ view

Parents feel that some times they have to use certain statements to answer queries of the children which they find hard or in some cases unanswerable or putting them in embarrassing situation. I agree, but in place of telling them things too far from truth, you should tell them facts in a simple language, which may satisfy their curiosity and at the same time save you feeling embarrassed or telling lies. I also know children have never-ending questions and they will not be satisfied unless they find a satisfactory answer to their query but there comes your ability into play and you have to make them feel satisfied with a just and to the point answer.

The common lies for parents

1- Most children want to have every thing of their interest they see in the market while going out with you and most parents not willing to purchase those items have a pat reply ‘next time we come to the market’ children are smart enough and know what you mean. You should either refuse it with a reason or if you think your child needs it, let him have it, simple.

2- This one is for moms who have a standard phrase for their children ‘stop doing it or I will tell your father who would punish you for this’ Aren’t you drawing a line in between your child and his father by your statement! Your child will feel afraid or shy while talking to his father or worst might hide certain problems or even tell him lies feeling afraid.

3- ‘If you don’t drink your milk a cat, rat, monkey or ghost would come and eat you’ it is one of the worst ways to handle your child. It would make him a person who would never face life with confidence.

4- ‘Do not play with those children, they are dirty’ Albright, you wish to stop your child to play with certain children but do not do it at the cost of those innocent children please. You must not stop your child at the cost of making those children bad, your child may take your statement seriously.

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Suny thinks if you would tell your children lies, how do you expect them to be honest!

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