Badrinath - One Of The Four Dhams


The Holy Badrinath

Situated on the banks of Alakhnanda River in Himalayas Badrinath is one of the holiest of pilgrimage centers of Hindus. The location of this temple in Uttrakahnd state in the lap of Himalayas Badrinath is most respected out of four Dhams according to Hindu mythology. This temple located in a difficult terrain was considered a hard journey until few decades back has now come within easy reach of visitors after the construction of roads. Most people come to Badrinath for religious but the place in itself has so much tourist attraction that some of them come for the sake of natural beauty that is spread all over the area now renamed Uttrakhand.

Badrinath the pilgrimage

One of the most visited holy places by Hindus and foreign tourists, the Badrinath is situated at the height of about 10,000’ feet above the sea level where Laksmanganga and Alakhnanda meet with each other. The place is named after the Berry shrubs, also known as Badri in the local language. Badrinath is also famous for its hot and cold-water tanks. As per Hindu mythology, Saint Vyas was born in Badrivan, where he later established his Ashram.

According to common belief, the place is popular among gods who come to rest in the lap of Mother Nature, which is another main attraction of this particular area. Incidentally, this area is also considered one of the oldest religiously important places established in Satyug. Although according to common belief Nar-Narain in Aadi Yug, Ram in Treta Yug, Veda Vyas in Dwapar Yug and Shankracharya in present era are also known to have blessed this area.

The main temple of Badrinath is divided into two parts, in the first part there are idols of Garuda, Hanuman and Lakshmi near the entrance. And in the main section of the temple the black stone made idol of lord Vishnu, Nar and Narain along with Kuber, Udhav and Narad are established at the main platform. This is the place where main Pooja is held and which is said to be the most sacred Pooja for Hindus.

Badrinath and other important places

The weather condition of the area does not allow keeping the temple open round the year as snow in winter falls heavily, therefore the temple remains closed for five months in cold weather. All people connected to temple management go to stay in Joshimath during that period with makeshift arrangements of Pooja. Devotees visiting the Badrinath temple also visit famous places like ‘Valley of Flowers’ and Hemkunt sahib the famous Sikh pilgrimage which are situated nearby.  

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