Bad Bosses Are Liability On A Company

Do you boss around?

Let me ask a question in simple way- do you love to boss around? Being a former marketing professional at highest level, I found many such people. Some of them were strict while some others were simple jealous types who could not see their juniors getting any where up the ladder or taking initiative.

Treating badly

Some managers prefer to insult their juniors publicly on slightest of mistakes while some other look at their juniors with a smile in such cases. Trust me the second option always works lot better than the first one. An insulting boss is not an asset but a killjoy who disturbs work environment for his self-satisfaction. People try to avoid him and he finds him alone suddenly. Actually, such people do not know the value of positive approach, which effects attitude of workers and work environment.

Bad bosses always try to find a way to insult their juniors thinking it their right to do so. They never hesitate to take credit of their juniors despite knowing fully well that this attitude does not work for long periods.

Some bosses are moody

Moreover, for me they are the worst kind because you never know about their stances. They can change or roll back on their own decisions if they see it bouncing back. They would not hesitate to blame others for their bad decisions although they never feel bad taking advantage of good results of others jobs.

My advice to such bosses was to change or find another job before management found out truth about them. Such people are no assets but burden on any organization. Mood and work environment do not work together.

Office or field of war

Bad bosses come prepared to have a go with their coworkers and juniors. They consider every situation in win or loose way. They feel happy if their coworkers or juniors not getting desired results on their assignments and in place of sorting the matter out rather try to derive fun out of it. They are not aware of golden rule of co-existence but for them every thing is self-centered.


The fact is no one wants to work with such a boss and the senior management knows far better about such things more than ever before. The work place need better cooperating natured people as seniors who work as mentors and not as competitors or behave like rowdies.   

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Suny does not like a bad boss.

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