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Supreme Court has set aside a 2 month ban on the Hindi movie “Aarakshan” on the ground that states cannot ban films that have been cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification on the mere apprehension that they may cause law and order problem.

In both the above cases, the state government’s actions have negated the constitution and seemed anxious to please imaginary vote banks. If all the states act according to their will and impose own restrictions, the nation will be in chaos and there will be no meaning to a single binding constitution.

India has been witnessing it time and again, from M.F. Hussain to Tasleema Nasreen to Nagesh Goud. This retrogressive phenomenon is being referred to as “cultural terrorism” and it seems to be increasing.

India as a nation is proud of its unity in diversity and in such diverse cultures there. They pressurize others to view from their perspective when every individual has the right to have his own. Culture of outrage is flourishing and political groups are capitalizing on such situations for their gain. A society is truly open only when competing views exist in harmony and are resolved or discussed through reason and debate. But such debate is impossible when angry groups with differing views silence each other through the misuse of law. It is the Government’s responsibility to encourage progressive thought and give its people the freedom to express it.

If the government bans artists, their work and their expression at the beck and call of these extremist organizations then they have less possibility of stalling communal violence and more possibility that such organizations find ways to bend the government easily to their will. This is a serious threat to democracy and secularism, which are the pillars of our constitution. So we must most definitely not lose sight of what is important for us. The ideals of human living have to be raised but at what cost? One never knows if the price is too much to pay for. But what one knows is that Unity is crucial for the foundation of any civilization.

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