Arthritis Is Lifelong But Reduce Its Effects

Arthritis is no more age related

It used to be an old age related problem but due to present day lifestyle and lack of physical activities, even younger generation is in grips of arthritis. You can see lot of younger people at orthopedic doctors' clinics along side the aged people who are having this painful disease. The fact is that unbearable pain in joints is the main symptom of this dreaded disease. The arthritis not only cause pain but also makes physical activities too difficult.

Reasons of arthritis

Lack of calcium is the main problem of arthritis and then people have no time to into out to have sun on their body that makes a big difference on body to absorb natural vitamin D. Any one spending 20-30 minutes in open air especially in winters for 3-4 months regularly can collect enough vitamin D for whole year. But we have no time. Summers are not considered to go out in sunny places as people do not want their skin to get sun-tanned and there is risk of ultra-violate rays as well too.

However, if we can find a few minutes for sunbath regularly we can avoid arthritis effectively. Our lifestyle is also one of the main reasons behind our stiff joints difficult to move easily.

How to get rid of effects of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that harms patient’s bone joints, internal body parts and skin and it is hard to get rid of permanently but with some precautions, you can lessen its effects to a great extent.

1- Keeping your weight under control, you can avoid putting extra pressure on knees and hp bones.

2- Exercise helps in keeping joints healthy and moving easily but never go for it without consulting your doctor or an experienced physiotherapist.

3- Never forget to take your prescribed medicines, which keep your joints free from stiffness and pain.

4- Massage works wonders on your stiff joints.

5- There are some herbal treatments for arthritis, which work effectively through massage therapy.

6- Try to control pain of joints by every possible way to get rid of effects of arthritis by consuming diets helpful adding required contents to your body like calcium, minerals and iron.

7- Walk and exercise regularly as much as possible, that helps to great extent.  

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