Art Of Contentment


The factor of satisfaction 

Yes its human nature, never satisfied, never content with what he has now, ever asking for some more to add a little more, ever thirsty to get something more to swallow. Yes, I guess most of us want to play the game of uncertainty. The problem with us humans is that we have no contentment. Yes the term for it is addiction. Once we are hooked, it is hard to quit. We always keep in mind that factor of luck will be on our side if we try again to the extent that we keep on trying until we lose. 

People who think that kids generally ask for simple wishes but some times they demand for bigger things, which I feel is also their right. I am lucky that way, as my daughter never asked for any thing beyond my reach. 

I do remember the incident when we had a big natural calamity in one of our states that took away thousands of lives. My daughter was almost 10 then but too sensitive too feel its impact, my daughter refused to accept any gifts that year on Diwali festival and forced me to donate all the money to lepers home. 

Besides other gifts, we never purchased firecrackers ever after that on Diwali, the festival of lights and firecrackers after that bad incident took place. That was way back but my daughter never forced me for any gifts although she always has given me best moments of happiness of my life and also made me proud on every step, whatever she did, she did best. 

The art of contentment

People trying to control themselves by moodiness, anger, and hardness, they may have joy but limited by their nature. The fact, that joy is hidden deep in us if we know the art of contentment. The real gladness is in having a cheerful heart, delighted by ordinary things happening around us. We have happiness all around us the need to see it is hidden within ourselves. The day we shall learn the art of contentment, the world would be a different place to live on. 

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Suny is lucky to have a wonderful daughter.

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