Are We Serious For Conservation Of Soil And Water?

We are not serious

Summers are here and we are back to square one ranting for water problem. But are we serious and doing our bit to help preserve water for our future generations? All right, we can see that rising population is taking its toll and consumption is increasing but are we doing enough to preserve available resources or is it only others’ job to do it for us! The fact is we never think for moment about the consequences when we install a submersible pump for our own water needs. You know it drains out water at a very fast rate from earth.

We start debates about missing greenery from our towns but we forget to plant a tree when we had the opportunity. Did we ever do a thing to pant a single plant on the setback we left for the purpose or did we turn it into a makeshift garage or any other similar purpose.

The truth is that every part of our country is doing almost the same on this particular front. Every one is using resources at a fast rate but doing nothing to give earth back a drop of water. Just think of the horrifying situation of water level, which has gone down by further 20-30 meters in last couple of years. Of course, the situation can improve if all of us make a combined effort and see to it that rainwater harvesting or storage of water is considered seriously.

We should act immediately

We do not care about water while washing our car using an inch thick water hose wasting thousands of liters of water ruthlessly without having an arrangement to let it go to earth but to down the drain. We never care about broken taps wasting water continually, broken pipes or jammed float valves letting water overflow are nowhere in the list of our priorities.

As they say, we are late but not too late, we should act now. We should start planting and think seriously about rainwater harvesting or storing water for use in gardens, carwash, recycling, whatever we can do to help in the burning issue of water crisis. Let us think about it seriously and begin working on it, trust me you may become the inspiring source for others.          

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