Are We Behaving Properly?

This is mandatory to take a step forward if you are willing to win and to reach to your goal, you must constantly move ahead, even if your steps are small. Look at the ant, the small creature can carry lot of weight compared to its own but never stops unless it reaches to its target. There is no shortcut to achieve your goals and if some one thinks that he or she can achieve it that way, it could be only temporary. 

Actually, all these thoughts are related to short-term steps taken by members of our society who are running a race without thinking its consequences. This is perhaps true in case of some girls as well who have finding the politics a simple way to grab power, influence and easy money by making compromises. Let’s make it a point to discuss and rectify the problems. We shall have to learn a proper difference in between self-freedom and ruddiness. Our youths do not understand it now and think that to behave as per their choice is their right. Yes, I agree to do as per their choice is their right but within ethics because as soon as they cross the limits of ethics the chances are that they shall have to suffer in the end.

Let me be clearer on this particular point, when we had been discussing the brutal rape case that shook our country and we did cut a sorry figure in front of entire world to the extent that most of the developed countries criticized us for being a country that has no respect for its women. Some of them even issued advisories to their citizens visiting India to take proper precautionary steps and come back as soon as their work is over. This would have a long-term effect on our economics and reputation.   

While we were mourning the death of the medical student who became the victim of sick mentality we had been singing vulgar songs welcoming the New Year with X-rated wordings. The irony of this country is that the same group of people, who was busy mourning at one end, was participating in such functions, which were not up to the standards of being called sober. Some of the songs had F words included in those songs. We shall have to look into the matter seriously to consider ourselves as civilized society otherwise the west is out to prove us wrong. 

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