Andaman- A Place Of Natural And Historical Beauty.


Andaman is a hot destination to many people of our country, even it is a favorite destination to many foreigners. It is a small island situated in Bat of Bengal. Port Blair is the main city of this state. There are many small islands here to visit.

There are many places to visit here. Havelock, Ross Island, Wandoor  beach, Barrel Island, Baratang, Neil Island, North bay, Chiriya tapu are some famous destination of Andaman. Nicobar Island is also attractive. In Port Blair Cellular jail, Gandhi park, Zoo, Saw mill, Botanical garden, and Archeological museum etc are some visible place.

Port Blair is only airport of Andaman, which is maintained by Army. Through Airway first you have to go Port Blair. From there many buses, Taxis and cars are available to go to any place. Some local ferry and ships are also available. Ship is also available to go Andaman from Kolkata and Chennai, but it takes some more time, likely three or four days, where plane takes only two hours.

There are many hotels and restaurants here to stay. To move freely and comfortably seven or eight days are enough. As many Bengali, Tamil etc people live here, so Bengali foods and south Indians foods are famous here. Above this Chinese and continental foods are also available. Sea fish is also famous. Different types of dishes of sea fishes are ready to give you a different taste.

People are very simple and always welcome tourists. They can speak in Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and also English. Art and culture is also famous. They celebrate all regional festivals like Durga puja, pongal etc with all National festivals. They always arrange some cultural functions also. Wooden materials and some handmade crafts are famous. Materials made of animals are prohibited. So it is better to purchase materials from authorized shop.

So it is a famous destination where anyone can enjoy hills, sea and plain all together. There are many beautiful beaches and the color of water is also attractive. Cellular jail is a historical place with a historical background. A light and sound show runs in every day which will make you some nostalgic.

So come and enjoy with family members and make it a memorable tour.

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