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The story of a Chemistry teacher who metamorphoses into a pitch black criminal, breaking bad has literally captured the viewers’ attention all over the world. When the season five ended this year, it was viewed by over ten million people in just America alone and almost 25 million the world over, including India. In India too, it has a huge fan base since it has become the main talking point in almost every college.

Now what is really fascinating about the show is the set of complex themes that it deals with. When we begin the show, the main character Walter White is a mild-mannered family man who has never committed a single act of violence in his life and who has been living his life by following rules and principles. But on his 50th birthday when he gets to know that has cancer, something happens. He realizes that he has no money to leave for his family on the event of his death. So he strikes a deal with his former college student. The series slowly turns darker and darker as Walter gets increasingly lost in the deceptive maze that he creates for himself and he in turn slowly loses himself and becomes and stone cold psychopath. It is not just the main character that this show focuses but an array of smaller characters that are no less important.

The story is like a well-oiled machine with twists and turns that could shock and yet leave you thinking about the moral complications. Beautiful cinematography and camerawork makes sure even the most uneventful events wouldn’t let you get bored. It recently won the Guinness book of world records for being the highest rated TV show of all time and it completely deserves it. It is of no doubt that this show would be taught in film schools in the future since it is so powerful and captivating. If there ever was anything that was as perfectly made and at the same time being relevant in today’s world of moral ambiguity then this the absolute masterpiece which eschews the grand themes of life and values like no other.

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