Amusement Park In Pakistan

Amusement Park in Abbottabad 

I am thrilled to imagine a visit to a place where one of the most wanted of terrorists of world Osama once lived before bombed down by US forces. With plans to convert the place having a wildlife sanctuary, Zoo, Food plaza, different water sports, paragliding, a golf course, Jogging Park and you name it. Sounds amazing but government of Pakistan has decided to go ahead with this plan to develop this mysterious place into Amusement Park for tourists’ attraction within next five years at the cost of $30 million.

The Location

Abbottabad is a beautiful town located in the Hazara of Khyber Pakhtun province of Pakistan, situated almost 50 km away in northeast from Pakistani capital Islamabad. It is one of the most famous cities, where Pakistan has one of its army headquarters.

The Amusement Park is proposed to have an area of 500 acre would be constructed in phases starting with 50 acres in the first phase starting maybe this month only. I am sure the town basically known after James Abbott the British major who founded it back in 1853 is wonderfully situated and has a lovely climate all through the year. People who visit the place find the place beautiful despite all mysterious activities those go on here for different reasons.

They are afraid that the Park would soon become famous as Osama Park in place of official name Amusement Park for the popularity that Osama Bin Laden enjoyed in Pakistan and still does. Pakistan government is keen to go ahead with its plans for the proposed wonderland in this area despite some army quarters demanding a residential colony to be built for army officers in the area, as there is an acute shortage of residences for working officers.

I am looking forward to a visit to Pakistan especially to see the Amusement Park when the work is finished for two reasons-

1- I always wanted to see this dreaded area which is border town of so-called liberated Kashmir and as beautiful as our own Kashmir.

2- I am interested to see and meet people from Pakistan especially the Pakhtuns who live in this area who are considered most fearless yet simple hearted.

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Suny will go there.

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