All About The Jingling Band Baaja!

The whirring beats of the brass trumpet and the fanfare of that sexy saxophone can’t go unheard. It is rightly said by the great poet- John Dryden, “What passion cannot music raise and quell!” The harmony of music can brighten anybody and can help a mass of people bond really easily. Yes, today we will discuss the outline of what makes our Indian wedding a hit, the wedding brass bands! Band baaja ignites a whole new level of enthusiasm to our moods in a wedding. Guests can’t stop bobbing their head to the melodious beats and few people can’t even stop dancing!


Band Baaja plays an important role in an Indian wedding; the significance of the band goes back to the vital need for the celebration of the bond to be formed. Marriage is a very important combination of love and responsibility which is to follow the couple. Hence, this auspicious moment is warmly welcomed with full zeal in the form of music. Bands have become such an important part of the weddings that we can’t even imagine a wedding without a band baaja. Let us share some facts about the wedding brass bands!


Types of instruments used

  • Trumpet
  • Tubas
  • Trombones
  • Cornet
  • Didgeridoo
  • French horns
  • Bugle


The evolution of brass bands

  • Started by the Britishers, few Indians working in the railway were trained to play the brass instruments by a British military official. This band started playing at aristocratic weddings.
  • Then these bands started playing Indian tunes for weddings.
  • After years of performances, the brass bands became available to the common people as well. It became a mainstream trend for Indian weddings; which was a dread to avoid.
  • After the widespread of the band baaja, they added additional services to their music. From music to lightings, various new highlights were added. These collective services, dancing relatives and a handsome groom constituted to what is called today, ‘the baraat’.
  • But after the gaining popularity of electronic music, the young generation is choosing a DJ sound over the band sounds. This is leading to the decline of all the brass bands.


Popular services provided by the wedding bands

  • Firework- Fireworks are the air crackers with sound effects and different colors.
  • Doli- A palanquin provided by the band company.
  • Ghori- The band provides a mare for the groom to ride in the baarat.
  • Palki- A decorated carriage for the bride to come inside the wedding.
  • Lawazma- Decorated animals and decorative items to add grandeur to your wedding.
  • DJ sounds- Popular electronic music device and a DJ artist who merges and plays electronic music.
  • Disco lights- These are the lights that are added upon the stage to go with the DJ.
  • Dhol service- Dhol service gives a Punjabi vibe to the wedding. It is solely played for dancing.
  • Shehnai service- Shehnai is an instrument played to improve the ambiance of the wedding.
  • Portable lights- These are designer lights carried by the band members in the baarat to light the journey up.


Popular songs played by the wedding bands

  • Le jayenge le jayenge
  • Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai
  • Raja ki aayegi baraat
  • Batameez dil
  • Bholi surat 
  • Mehndi lagake rakhna
  • Emosanal attyachar
  • Dard-e-disco
  • Main nikla gaddi leke
  • Kajrare
  • Chance pe dance
  • Bhootni ke
  • Dupatta tera
  • Dhan te nan
  • Jalwa
  • Mera naam chin chin chu


Things to keep in mind before booking a band

  • Set your budget
  • List of bands
  • Location of the band
  • Choose part payment availability
  • Services provided by them
  • Review their old work in their portfolio
  • Choice of songs
  • Attire
  • Ethics


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