Alcohol Is Dangerous


Right from the ancient times alcohol has been considered as one of the most potent drugs. Of course back then it was different and there was a different process of extraction and consumption and it wasn’t easily available to everyone but nowadays it has become one of the most common products consumed by all types of people. It has been gaining prominence in India due to the latest Indian trend to ape the western culture. In the western culture alcohol is very common. An interesting fact that proves this is that in Germany beer is cheaper than water and it is consumed in more amounts than coca cola.


Now in India no party or a social gathering which is not religious is complete without the consumption of alcohol. It is the same story not just among the upper class people but also the lower and middle class people. But why this sort of a dependence? What makes people drink?


Basically alcohol consumption increases the dopamine levels in your brain which gives you a momentary sense of euphoria and that is enough for most people to forget about their daily problems. And in order to make a happy occasion even happier this is the best thing probably. Grownups that can control the consumption are one thing but what about the teenagers who can’t control and who get addicted to it?


These days’ teenagers have increasingly been drifting towards the party lifestyle which could prove to be a bad thing for their future unless a strict control is exercised. Now I don’t mean to say that nobody should drink and everybody should just quit completely. But what I am trying to say is that there is a limit to everything and once this limit is crosses then you could quite easily see your life spiraling out of control which of course is not a good things and I don’t think anybody would want that to happen. Not controlling your alcohol consumption is one of those things that could easily lead to mistakes and bad decisions. You could seriously end up hurting not just yourself but those around you.

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