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Internet users spend most of the time on social media sites so therefore there is a rising need that the companies have to make themselves known on these sites. Olay and L’Oreal both through Facebook and Twitter as the network are interacting with people; where they create, share and exchange information and ideas virtually. The reach and frequency is more. Also there is a greater usability of the social media.

Nowadays most of the brand and advertising is done online. Most of India’s population who form the bulk of the customers are less than 30 years old. This is probably fact that India has one of the highest youth populations in the world. And the one thing common among the youth in today’s world is the usage of technology. By technology I mean the usage of mainly internet. Nowadays most of the youth is hooked on to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. For some of them there is no life without them. Not just the youngsters but elder too are hooked to this.

So this is probably this is the most right time for companies and brands to make themselves known through the online platform. Gone are the days when advertising used to heavily rely on only televisions and newspapers. These days online video advertisements area rage. Especially if they are made creatively with a catchy hook, there are chances of them going viral which only increases their visibility. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, etc are all making catchy videos and uploading them on video-sharing websites like YouTube which allow seamless access to millions of viewers and all they need to have is an internet connection and either a Smartphone or an computer which is not really so expensive these days.

So this heralds a new era in the world of advertising. Since consumer’s attention spans keep decreasing as the world progresses, we must learn to adapt to the ways of modern technology. But the old fashioned methods of advertising also should not be forgotten since there are still areas in our country which aren’t up to date with the latest technology.


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