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Actress Radhika Apte who was born in the year 1985 is a upcoming heroine. She started her career with a Hindi movie Vaah life ho tho aisi in the year 2005.  She has even worked in Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam and Marati Languages. She got married to Mr. Benedict Taylor who is the citizen of England. They got married in the year 2012.

She was born in Pune and she is from a Marati Family. Her father is a doctor and chairman for Sahyadri Hospital. After performing in some movies, she went to London to learn dance.

Radhika Apte  is famously know in the south Indian film industry for her movie Raktha Charithra, Dhoni, Legend and Lion. Her first movie in the south Indian film industry is Raktha Charithra of director Ram Gopal Varma.

She says “Love is very important in this modern world, all depends on how much a person loves us. If will let go any thing which my husband doesn’t like, how ever valuable that may be. The love what is shows on me is extra ordinary and unexplainable” .

Radhika Apte who is very near to Telugu Movie audiences says that however busy we are, every evening our mind automatically starts thinking about our family and about the person whom we love the most. This is called love. My husband stays at England and I stay here at Mumbai for the purpose of movies.  I always do what he likes. Even in the selection of movies I totally depend on my husband. I say ok for a movie only after he says ok for it. If he does not like any thing at any moment, I totally reject it at any moment. Not only this, I fly away to him at any moment if he feels my necessity by leaving all my commitments here.

Now she is working in a movie called Mamshi which is based on the life story of Mr. Dhasharath Monshi who broke the stone mountain for the sake of his wife. Radhika Apte is working with Navauddhin Siddik for this movie.

Recently she was confirmed to act beside Super Star Rajinikanth.

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