Achievements And Best Moments Of Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar has exhibited his talents in many cricket matches. They always have been good feast for the cricket lovers and some special moments are cherished by Sachin himself. Today some people say that Sachin should retire giving room for younger players but some have faith in the talents of Sachin strongly. His best moments are unforgettable and this make people vote in favor of him.


It was on 27th March 1994, he took up the challenge of entering the field as the opening batsman. When Navjot Singh Sidhu was injured, he was given the responsibility and he was only 21 at that time. But he took up this challenge and went on to score 82 runs out of 43 balls making everyone dumbstruck. He said himself that it was like a dream, a rare honor for a newbie.


In 1998, Indian team met Australia in Shahraj in Coca Cola Cup. In two consecutive matches he scored centuries against Australia. India was in dire need of taking 256 runs to beat New Zealand in the run rate. 285 runs were needed to win the match. Though India lost the match, it could realize its objective of beating New Zealand in run rate which was made possible by the shot of Sachin Tendulkar. He grabbed 143 runs in 131 balls, a rare achievement indeed.


On his 25th birthday, he played in the finals of the Coco Cola Trophy in the Shahraj soil on 24th April 1998. The people of India had great faith in him and that weight was on his shoulders. With a target of 273 runs, he gave good shot driving India to victory. He got many awards and the prizes included an Opel Astra which he dedicated to his wife.


On 29th May 1999, he took India to success against the match with Kenya with 140 not out. In the former match against Zimbabwe, he could not play as he had to come back to India due to his father’s sudden death. Everyone thought that he would be immersed in sorrow. But he paid homage to his father by this victory. This became one of the wonderful moments in his life.


In 2008, India tasted its first victory against Australia in CB series since 1984-85. In the first game, he got 117 runs with six wickets and in the second match he shot 91 runs and Australia was defeated in the series. In a chase of 351 runs in Hyderabad, he scored 175. Though he was 36 years old at that time, he played with greater stamina proving his talents once again.


The highest score of double century was achieved by him on 24th February 2010. He stood in the field from the starting till the end and played all the 50 overs proving his fitness. He is the same talented Sachin even after twenty years of playing. He is heading towards his 100th century, a rare honor to be achieved by any batsman. Sachin Tendulkar photos and Sachin Tendulkar videos display his talents in the game.

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