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Neyyattinkara is an ancient town in Thiruvanandapuram district. It is 20 km south of Tiruvanatapuram city, in Kerala. It is situated near Neyyar river and so it is called ‘Neyyattinkara ‘. In Malayalam, it  literarily means shore of Neyyar. The river  flows from Agasthyarkoodam,  the highest peak  in southern end of the Western Ghats. The town is on the National Highway- 47 to Kanyakumari.

The famous Neyyattinkara Sree Krishna Swamy Temple is situated in Neyyattinkara. This temple was built by Marthanda Varma in the year 1755. Baby Krishna is the diety of temple and the diety is popularly known as Neyyattikara Unni kannan. The temple has a great historical importance as it has a jack tree popularly  called ammachi plavu where Marthanda Varma  once hid inside the hollow trunk to escape from enemies in the time of war. It is still being preserved in the Sri Krishna Temple.

Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary are situated at Kallikkad Panchayath of Neyyattinkara Taluk. It is the region where some rare medicinal herbs are found. The peak Agasthyarkoodam is very near to the Dam. The dam was built by some agriculturist family for irrigation purposes. It is a popular tourist spot and was established in 1958 on the basins of the three main rivers namely Neyyar, Mullayar and Kallar. A crocodile breeding centre and a lion safari park are also located in the dam site.

Neyyattinkara is the birthplace of Swadeshabhimani Rama Krishna Pillai, who was a political activist, journalist and Athazhamangalam VeeraRaghavan who fought for dictatorial rule of Travancore Diwans and for Indian Independence. The Veera Veluthampi Dalawa, the Dalawa (Prime Minister) of the Indian kingdom of Travancore between 1802 and 1809 was born and brought up at Thalakkulam near Neyyattinkara who fought against the British rule in India. There is a monument in the heart of the town, in front of the Town Police Station reminding the freedom fighters. Aruvippuram, the important pilgrimage center of Sree Narayana Guru is near Neyyattinkara. The town has many Higher Secondary educational institutions, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics etc.

Neyyattinkara is about 36 kilometers from Trivandrum Airport and 30 kilometers from the central railway station.

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