A 'World Heart Day' For Women


According to World Heart Foundation reports, 9.1 million ladies die all over the world in one year. Such statistics are high for under developed countries. From 1990, the numbers have increased considerably. Such dreadful truths demanded to create awareness among people the need to protect women and women’s heart. Thus a day was fully dedicated for women’s heart with the slogan, “One home, and one heart”.


Due to modern diseases – diabetics, high blood pressure and cholesterol millions are erased every year from earth’s surface. So, it’s needed to create awareness among people the need to protect human body from such dreadful diseases. In most cases, house wives are given less preference resulting in their sudden death due to a heart attack.


According to medical science, though estrogen levels protect women from heart diseases till she reaches menopause, since hormone levels dip suddenly, she is prone to heart diseases and death due to a sudden heart attack. Estrogen keeps good cholesterol level high. In the case of man, heart attack may appear before he reaches 30 or 40. That’s the reason why woman’s health is neglected most, because everyone believes that her health stays stable even after 40’s. No one notices her sudden change of hormonal levels during her 40’s leading to her death. That’s the main reason why awareness is to be created among people to assure her ‘heart health’.   


Though sudden death is possible, in 80% of such cases it can be resisted through proper precaution and treatments. According to Inter Heart Studies, if controlled those 9 dangers – smoking, high blood pressure, diabetics, cholesterol, less exercise, drinking habits, stress, obesity and unhealthy food style, it’s possible to reduce the chances of heart diseases up to 85%. So, it’s well proved, our modern life style of high calorie food and less exercise are the main reasons behind heart diseases. High calorie food develops fat deposits inside our blood vessels resulting to a condition known as arteriosclerosis – the main reason behind heart diseases.


We should note that though heart related diseases can be detected, high expensive heart treatment including bypass surgery and angioplasty are available only to 30% of persons. So the best decision is to avoid heart diseases. After all, prevention is always better than cure!  

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