A Small Note On These Great Ladies On This Women's Day!


Now we have just celebrated women’s day with enthusiasm and promises to protect ladies. Emphasis was given on their safety too. So, through this column let me honour a few ladies who have made their signature in distinct fields and made women feel proud of them.


Black rich lady – Television and reality shows are popular nowadays and some anchors get easily noticed, not for their beauty or smartness but for their efficiency to connect with audience. A few of them are lucky enough to become the part of families, even if family members have not met that person personally. Oprah Winfrey is one such lady who got wide recognition among American audience for her popular show ‘Oprah Winfrey show’. Its continuous 25 years is enough to prove her influence on American audience. Through the show she earned billions of money and she is the only black billionaire of the world, at a time.   


Mother of Pakistan – For Indians, Mahatma Gandhi is ‘Father of nation’. For Pakistan, they have a nurse whom they fondly call ‘Mother of Pakistan’. Her name is Bilquis Bano Edhi who has served a lot of people similar to Mother Teresa of India. She was born in Karachi and her husband supports her in this heavenly deed.


In deep seas without arms – Bathany Hamilton, the world famous surfer! Once she was attacked by a shark in deep seas and she lost her left arm. Don’t think that she has left her passion to swim in deep blue seas. Now she takes precautions and enough care and flies through the seas like an angel with single hand. Her autobiography ‘Soul Surfer’ has been made to a movie and now also, she is appearing in TV shows. Let her story inspire a lot of people who gets deeply hurt by little drawbacks and misfortunes.


Face behind face book – Not even a single teenager or adult exist in this world who doesn’t know what face book is. But only a few people know the contributions of a lady behind this social media network, that has trapped a lot of people with its magic. She is none other than Sherin Sanburg, Chief operating officer of face book and the single lady in the director board of this company. Earlier she was the vice president of global online sales of Google.   

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