A Monsoon Visit To My Jungle Home Situated In Jim Corbett National Park

Well everyone loves their birthplace and the places where he/she spent his/her childhood and made new friends. Home is a place where we can put off all the loads of our shoulders. Though I come to my home frequently within two or three months, this time it was quite different because of the rainy season. It is 11th of August today and I was sitting on the roof and feeling the quietness of nature. Red sunset behind the mountains and trees, chirping of different kind of birds, the sound of children playing nearby, and greener everywhere, encouraged me to write up a post on this. Recently our Honorable Prime Minister visited this land of roars, trumpets, and wild songs with Bear Grylls. Enjoy the documentary created by Discovery

This is Lalit Mohan from Devbhumi Tourism. I work in Haridwar and Corbett is my hometown. I am here for the Rakhi celebration and glad to see the surrounding beauty near my home. So I am going to give you an external tour of my home situated in Jim Corbett National Park.

Let’s move towards the hidden gems of Corbett and the main article. The morning starts with the chirping sounds of birds. Sunlight and fresh air come directly into my room through a window. You will not need an alarm to wake early. There is a lot to share about Jim Corbett but this is a casual article so I will explain other details in upcoming articles. Let’s start with images and trust me all the images were shot by me under our boundary.






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