A Memorable Experience Relishing Fare In Kumarakom Restaurants.

It is time you soon planned a trip to Kumarakom that would remain itched as a great pleasure down your memory line. Kumarakom set in the backdrop of the largest fresh water lake in the state of Kerala; Vembanad Lake is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Vembanad Lake is habitat to many marine and freshwater fish species and it teems with Karimeen, shrimp and prawns. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a noted bird sanctuary that many species of migratory birds visit during the cold months is also one of the main tourist attractions, thanks to the efforts of the government and its efforts for preservation. A scenic beauty sailing in a boathouse and seeing the a number of islands in the backwaters and waterways linking the islands provides enough panoramic treat for tourists. Eating some tasty food and pampering oneself in the restaurants of Kumarakom makes a visit to Kerala a worthwhile experience.

´╗┐Tourists visit Kumarakom mostly for the backwater experience and it is quite common to see most of the restaurants of Kumarakom in luxury and budget resorts lined up on the shores of the lake provide tourists with facilities for boating, yachting and fishing, with panoramic views of the lake. They are also in part of backwater hotels, with Kumarakom restaurants offering the unique experience of dining amid serene backwater environs providing a true experience of being in the kingdom of God.

You should have a meal or two in the restaurant of Kumarakom in 'Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom' if you can afford it. Dining at Vivanta a breezy restaurant with modern facilities yet retaining the traditional old style, you could find everything fresh there right from the ingredients to recipes, to the presentation and experience and ambience. Each recipe with a special twist in their vibrant multi-cuisine Kumarakom restaurants to bar add more value with their complimentary breakfast and specialties. You would surely feel that you sat on a magic carpet and experienced the cuisine of the world here.

Another multi-cuisine specialty Kumarakom restaurant that owns the pride of the place at Kumarakom Lake Resort, Ettukettu provides you an irresistible selection of Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, North Indian and traditional Kerala delicacies. Truly the Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, North Indian and traditional Kerala culinary delicacies here are a gourmet’s delight, but the greatest specialty here is the ethnic Kerala cooking. You could never miss on the flavor of the fresh catch of the day enriched with coconuts and a slew of fragrant spices. You will enjoy their specialties like Syrian Christian Duck Roast, Duck Curry, Karimeen Pollichathu, Karimeen Mappas, and soft spongy rice bread or appams, thamarappam, Idiappams and tropical fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Next on to Cordon Bleu, the multi-cuisine restaurant of Kumarakom in Backwater Ripples Hotel for you to enjoy the traditional Kerala delicacies in addition to prawns, crabs, oysters and a variety of products fresh from the lake. Do surely dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant of Kumarakom in Abad Whispering Palms Resort and enjoy delectable varieties of Indian, Chinese, Continental dishes and seafood specialties. Both these restaurants overlook the Vembanad Lake and you could surely relax and bask in the luxury of tranquility in natural backwater surroundings.

Do come back and share you wonderful experiences in the Kumarakom restaurants with all of us.   

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