A Look Into Indian Jewelry Design

Women and jewellery have been synonymous for generations. It is rare to find a woman who can resist jewellery. Over the years, women's fashion jewellery and its designs have changed from one generation to the other; with typical and traditional styles that have matched her age and sensibilities. Fashion jewellery is what culminated with affordable styles in the studded and non-studded categories. What mostly kick-started as a trend of fashion jewellery for women has become a roaring business of selling designer jewellery for them on the online platform. With most retailers trying their best in luring clients with schemes and gifts; the trend today is primarily dictated by the age group. For example, women in the '20s and '30s prefer fashion jewellery that is comfortable and can accessorize their corporate dressing style.

Authentic jewellery buyers though few, find their style amidst old-time jewellers who provide them classic designs bought with a sole purpose of investment. With statement pieces and studded jewellery available in cheaper versions, women’s jewellery designs have observed a sea change in their purchasing patterns. From classic hoops to pearls and diamonds; jewellery today has become a beacon for the changing clothing trends.

Buying patterns

Jewellery was primarily purchased around festivals or weddings. While the trend still holds good, it hasn’t only restricted itself to these events. Of course, there is much emphasis on purchases made during festivals like Akshay Tritiya, Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Onam; the trend of making purchases; however, doesn't merely pause there. Because some amount of jewellery is bought all year round, these circumvent special days and events created for the purpose. For example, the New Year will attract some sale of jewellery online; a trend that follows suit every month. Whether it is a Valentine special or a Mother’s Day celebration; it almost seems like clients have set aside some amount each month for the purchase of jewellery.


Designing jewellery was once a lucrative career option. Today it stands as one of the more recognized profession. Because fashion is cyclical, trends in jewellery keep coming back to what was worn decades ago. Then there are heirloom pieces and authentic designs that keep getting refurbished over time. Pearls, diamonds, uncut diamonds, colour stones and certain neck pieces are designs that have never really go out of fashion. The trend of wearing and flaunting designer jewellery in a particular manner though they may have changed through the years.

Fashion predictions state that modernization has helped in creating a minimalistic look through vintage styles, the use of coins, contemporary use of ethnic motifs, remaining loyal despite the passage of time. Designer labels have made way for expensive jewellery that forms a part of the outfit and has a huge fan following; both in the retail segment as well as with its sale the online.

With more companies promising zero wastage and high standards of the gold metal; it becomes a tad difficult to choose from a plethora of trusted names and big players. Being the eleventh largest consumer of the yellow metal; India is slowly becoming a market for 100% hallmark jewellery and certified diamonds. This not only makes women proud owners of a piece of pride but also ensures that the lure of jewellery will never die.

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